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I have been aware of the impacts of EMFs on health for at least 5-6 years or more since Dr. Klinghardt started regularly speaking about their impact. I shared another blog post recently where Dr. Klinghardt talks about the impact of EMFs on our health. For about the past 5 years, I have done the following to mitigate EMF stress in my living environment:

  1. Gotten rid of all cordless phones and have only one corded phone.
  2. Stopped the use of microwaves for anything other than a timer while cooking in a more appropriate device. Personally, I feel that anyone still using a microwave is undermining their ability to recover.
  3. Turned off the fuses that provide electricity to the room I sleep in.
  4. Turned off all wireless internet.
  5. Used a sliver-lined cloth called a Sleep Sanctuary to create a Faraday cage while sleeping. The time that we sleep is the most important time to be as close to EMF-free as possible as that is when our body is attempting to heal and renew. While this was an expensive purchase, I think it was important in my own journey.

I had borrowed an EMF meter from a friend and combined with my Body Voltage meter, I had done quite a bit of testing on my own previously. However, I knew I was not the expert and decided to have someone come out and test that has far more experience as I suspect a couple of potential external sources of EMFs nearby. I contacted Healthy Building Science. They service the Northern California area and do much more than EMF testing; though for my own space, the EMF testing was my primary interest.

During a 2 hour evaluation from Environmental Inspector David Sasse, I learned a few things - some were new; others confirmed what I suspected.

Here's some of what I learned:

  1. The area where I live has underground power service which is a huge plus as compared to developments with overhead power.
  2. Overall, my living environment was quite good as I had already done some remediation mentioned above. Given that I live in a fairly densely populated area, I was glad to hear this.
  3. While there are several Smart Meters nearby, these did not seem to be a significant issue; possibly because of the direction in which they are facing.
  4. The "dirtiest" rooms in my environment were the kitchen and my home office.
  5. Kitchens have many "point sources" of EMF as there are so many appliances. Fortunately, I don't sleep in the kitchen and most of these sources drop off quickly as you move away from the toaster or other appliance. However, as expected, the microwave was terrible. I'm glad I never use it so that was a non-issue.
  6. I had one ozone air purifier that put off quite a field that I had not previously thought to look for. It was interesting to find something that I thought promoted healing may actually have an unexpected downside.
  7. My FIR sauna put off quite an EMF field when it was turned on. I think this is not uncommon and for the short time I spend in the sauna, I feel the benefits outweigh the risks. Heating up the sauna fully before getting in such that the heaters are not on as much during a session may be of some benefit.
  8. Any LED displays that are blue or red like kitchen clocks, etc. put off a field, but the field drops off within a short distance. Dimmer switches acted similarly.
  9. In my home office, I have a blue-tooth headset which put off a very strong field; even when not turned on. That's one improvement I definitely need to make.
  10. There was some electrical stress in my home office that can be mitigated by moving the computer to another wall and either putting up a protective shield that is grounded between the wires and the location of my desk chair or using a grounding pad while working at the computer. Some dirty electricity was evident with the use of a Stetzer meter, and this was quickly mitigated with 2 Stetzer filters in the office.
  11. In my sleeping location, radar from a local airport was picked up out of one window, but it dropped to almost zero when inside the Sleep Sanctuary mentioned above. We also did some testing to see if there would be any benefit in grounding the sliver-lined cloth around the bed, but it did not seem to add any benefit based on the testing conducted. In some cases, grounding the cloth can add additional benefit in that it helps to shunt electric fields to ground beyond the protection that the cloth provides from EMFs.

I felt that the experience in working with Healthy Building Science was very beneficial. It not only gave me some additional reassurance that I was on the right track, but it gave me some new ideas for further improvements. For those concerned about EMFs, which should be all of us with chronic illness, I highly recommend having your environment evaluated and taking action on any proposed remediation steps.

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