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In this episode, you will learn about some of the common misconceptions about minerals including magnesium, calcium, copper, and iron.

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About My Guest

My guest for this episode is Morley Robbins. Morley Robbins (aka. “Magnesium Man”) is the founder of the Magnesium Advocacy Group, and the creator of The Root Cause Protocol. Morley had been a hospital executive and consultant for 32 years when, several years ago, he developed a condition called “frozen shoulder.” His family doctor quickly recommended surgery as the only hope for Morley if he wanted to be able to lift his right hand above his waist ever again. Friends who owned a health food store intervened and encouraged Morley to try chiropractic care. His initial response: “Thanks guys, but I don’t do witchcraft.” Several months later, the pain was wearing on him, and his friends insisted. It only took a couple weeks of “light touch chiropractic care” (Network Spinal Analysis) before his shoulder had full range of motion once again. The experience was so life-changing for Morley, he questioned everything he knew — or thought he knew — about healing. He then left the world of hospital administration and became a Wellness Coach. Today, Morley views it as his life’s work to push back the tides of nutritional insanity in the day-to-day lives of inhabitants of Planet Earth!

Key Takeaways

  • How important is magnesium in the body and how likely are we to be deficient in this key mineral?
  • What lab testing is ideal for exploring mineral status?
  • What form of magnesium is best?
  • Why might taking calcium and vitamin D not be the ideal solution for osteopenia and osteoporosis?
  • Is it more likely that people are copper toxic or copper deficient?
  • What is ceruloplasmin and why is it important?
  • Does iron-associated anemia exist?
  • Is supplementing with iron based on "dipstick" blood testing an ideal approach?
  • Does iron play a role in chronic infections?
  • Do trace minerals matter?
  • What is The Root Cause Protocol?
  • What should we consider stopping and starting to optimize bioavailable copper?

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Interview Date

May 25, 2018  


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