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I've had a Mold page on my site for quite some time as I've always felt that mold exposure is an issue for many of us with chronic illness, especially those that have mold-susceptible HLA-genotypes. I had the honor and privilege of working on several articles with Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker, MD on this topic a couple of years ago. The book Mold Warriors has been a cornerstone book in my understanding of what I needed to focus on in order to get well.

I've known for some time that Dr. Shoemaker was working on a new book and had asked a couple of times when it might be out. Well, today, a Christmas present arrived just a few days late, but it is still an excellent gift nonetheless. I placed my order for this exciting new work Surviving Mold: Life in the Era of Dangerous Buildings by Dr. Shoemaker.

The Mold Warriors book is over 5 years old at this point and it was written before Dr. Shoemaker looked at TGF beta 1 and before he was using some of the treatment options he now employs. Advances happen, approaches change, and I'm looking forward to learning more about the cutting edge in treatment of mold-related illnesses from his latest book.

Besides the book, a new web site has been created that has a lot of good information on the topic of mold and biotoxin-related illness.

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