One of the most important aspects of health and wellness in my opinion is hydration.  I've worked on water optimization for years, and while I'm always open to ways to make my water even more health-promoting, I'm quite excited about my current approach to water in support of my personal wellness.

For many with biotoxin illness, we consume large amounts of water, but largely due to low ADH, we quickly pee out that water and remain cellularly dehydrated.  No bueno.

So what do I do (several times a day) for my drinking water is as follows:

1) I distill all of my drinking water using the "Mini Classic CT Countertop Water Distiller 120V" from (5% off distillers with code BETTERHEALTH). 

I credit Dr. Todd Watts and Dr. Jay Davidson for enlightening me about the benefits of distilled water.  Notes from previous lectures they have given on this topic can be found on the site from ECO 2021 and ECO 2022.

Note: I do recommend putting a silicone drip tray under the unit.  I have occasionally not gotten the lid on tightly or not broken up the particles in the carbon filter and had some small leaks.  I started using towels just to be extra careful, but the silicone drip tray has worked the best.  This has been an uncommon problem, but I'm very careful about any water leaks given my history with mold illness.

2) I remineralize my water after distillation.  I use about 10-15ml of Quinton Isotonic in my 0.8 gallons of distilled water. 

There are a number of good mineral products out there that likely would provide similar results, but Quinton has been a personal favorite for many years. 

3) I structure my water using a water structuring device.  There are many options out there, and I have used several.  Given some recent podcasts I've listened to, I'm using Analemma (10% off with code BETTERHEALTH).  I structure the water inside the glass jar for about 1 minute.

That's the basic recipe and what I do a few times daily.  Now, I love using water as a way to easily deliver other materials into the body and enhance the recipe above; particularly with tools that support detoxification and drainage.  I take the large glass jar of water from the steps above and pour that into a couple of smaller glass jars and enhance each further with a different add-on.

Some of my favorite water enhancers include: 

1) NutraMedix Dandelion (10% off code BETTERHEALTH)

2) Cell salts; I use Hyland's Bioplamsa Cell Salts.  You can also use others such as UNDA Melange.  These can further assist in hydration and provide homeopathic minerals.

3) NutraMedix Burbur/Pinella (10% off code BETTERHEALTH)

4) Energetix Drainage Tone and/or Hepatic Tone and/or Lymph Tone II

5) Pekana MUNDIPUR and/or LivCalm and/or ITIRES

Of the above, the ones I am currently using are #1 and #2, but they are all potentially excellent options.

Now, you can go even further and imprint specific frequencies into the water depending on what you need support with.  I've done that, but quite honestly, it hasn't stuck beyond the items I am doing above.  If you want to explore that option, Infopathy is one such tool. 

While I think what I am doing here has been very health-supporting, I'm always learning, growing, and changing.  So, please feel free to Contact Me with any thoughts or additional hacks you'd like to share.

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